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We design, Build and Support Custom, Mobile Friendly Websites. Whether You Are A Local Brick And Mortar Business Looking To Improve Your Web Presence Or A New Business That Want's To Sell Online...

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How we work.

1 Our potential clients contact us either via email, phone or Skype. During this initial contact, we'll discuss the project in depth. We'll discuss the scope of the project, the expected time frame for completion and any specifics that the client needs or wants. Once both sides have a full grasp of the project, Olsen Consulting will provide a written plan detailing how we will accomplish the tasks, this document includes the cost and completion time.

2 Once both sides agree on the project cost and details, the client will provide any hosting logins and/or any third party logins necessary to complete the project. For larger projects, the client may be asked to submit a deposit prior to commencement of the job. Smaller projects (ones that can be completed in day or less), do not require a deposit and are simply billed upon completion.

3 During the project the client is kept informed of the progress throughout. We always invite our clients to take an active role in the project, telling us what they like (and what they don't like), as the project is being worked on. We always do our best to provide the client with what they want even if some of the criteria changes after the quote was provided. Upon completion we will do a full project review with the client, either on the phone or via Skype. We're always happy to help the client with any training or usage issues that arise at this stage.